Hmmm, I got digged ;-)

This site got mentioned by Doug Burns, which on itself is funny (and I feel honored of course). Maybe this is for the best. Perfection minded, this site won’t be finished by me in my life-time so…thanks Doug, for this small peace of trust and forcing it into the open (no typo’s allowed anymore snik…)


This site is still situated on the domain that I reserved for my wife (, because I am using this site currently more as backup site for my posts on the AMIS Technology site. In general this site has maybe 5 unique hits per day (most of them where referred via the OTN XMLDB Forum). By the way, not all of my AMIS posts are transfered to this site yet (and not all of my posts here, can be found on the AMIS Techology site). Also see the “about” page for more info.

If you would try to link directly to this site via, then you would encounter a nasty forwarding link for which you would have to break free off… I don’t like this solution at all, but this is the only way my domain provider (some guys in the US where I bought the domain name) is allowing me to forward to my actual site.

I am still searching for a cheap / good solution to get my own space. The current provider here in Holland, were the domain moved to, needed 1/2 half year to get this up and running (after a lot of nagging: “He guys I asked you a will ago…??!!!”, “What is the status???”).

Needless to say that I am still in a re-thinking mood if this provider is the one where I should place this site. If people have read all Dizzwel’s encounters regarding this topic, then you will understand my dwellings…

Howard’s site, by the way, is pretty cool regarding “looks” nowadays (the content is still great of course) …

Also because I guess I will be generating some extra traffic, after Oracle 11g will be re-leased, and most providers here in Holland charge you extra for more bandwidth, it is a difficult problem to solve: cheap, fast, perfect and simple

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