Month: October 2006

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Tuesday – Getting into the spirit

I am just joking, so far I haven’t seen an Elvis look-a-like in town, but I would be very interested how Thomas Kyte felt about his session this morning for this huge audience.

The conference paper

Mr. Thomas Kyte

But I will start with the beginning. I started off this Tuesday morning in the Hilton Hotel, with Thomas Kyte’s presentation “Things you think you know”. I hadn’t really planned this session, but I am glad, I am really glad I did. Mr. Kyte is a very gifted speaker and knows what he speaking of, which helps ;-).

Despite the fact that I had sometimes the feeling: “OK, what’s the big deal. It should be common knowledge or at least, if you use your common sense, it shouldn’t be a new topic to you”. The brilliant metaphors he used, were really priceless, funny and with al lot of wit addressed to the audience, so if that didn’t trigger them to think next time, then I don’t know how you should do it better.