Free Oracle Enterprise Linux available

Oracle Enterprise Linux is now available from the Oracle unbreakable 2 program and ISO’s can be downloaded for free – see Sergio’s blog here: I heared from Dimitri Gielis on the OOW2006 that Sergio switched from the APEX team to the new linux team.

The ISO’s are based on the RedHat distributions sets but stripped from all the labels. As add-on you now can get your support from Oracle as described on and, or for starters info look here:

ISO’s are available for the 32 bit and 64 bit Linux hardware environments. Both sets are “update 4” (unsure if they were build via RedHat AS or ES versions?). RedHat EL 32 has update 8 as it’s last distro. All in all – interesting stuff.


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  1. Dave Hanson
    October 24

    From the Oracle site:

    What Red Hat code does Oracle Enterprise Linux offer – AS, ES or WS?
    Oracle Enterprise Linux is the same as Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Whereas Red Hat differentiates their support offerings through different product releases such as WS, ES and AS, Oracle only offers binaries based on AS, the version that is the most complete. AS includes all of the packages that are included in ES and WS.

  2. October 24

    You are correct, but did you see the date of this post. Info was scarces after OOW 2006…

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