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November 15

Its free. Its cool. You need them for the APEX XFILES demo application. As far a as I know now, you need two supporting PL/SQL packages to make the APEX XFILES application work:

The origins of those PL/SQL packages, etc, are supporting code used by the XMLDB Development team themselves. More info, demo’s or scripts can be found on the OTN XMLDB website. The XMLDB Development team started to split the scripts up for use in specific areas. The old xdbutility zip package had most of them still combined. Now the xdbutilities.zip package with PL/SQL scripts and packages (aka. the “Oracle XML DB Ease of Use Tools for Structured Storage“) its specific usage is pinpointed on manipulating and managing XML Schemas which are used for XMLType-based storage (I saw that 99% of them reflect, are usable with XMLType tables Object Relational storage only). In the now, for the first time, available document it states: