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January 7

Do you want to learn how to get your Oracle Database to perform better?

Then you better be fast…


There are only a limited amounts off slots still open for the  3 day Oracle Performance MasterClass with Cary Millsap and Jeff Holt from Method-R on 19, 20 & 21 of Januari in the Netherlands.

The costs for this MasterClass will be 1599 Euro. If you want to be there and join them for a great MasterClass then register through the website www.miraclebenelux.nl or Click here for the registration form.

The form is in Dutch if you encounter any problem just email them at seminars[@]miraclebenelux.nl and they will help you!

Language spoken during the Masterclasses will be English.


October 3
September 5

This post will show you some of the first numbers I collected regarding “Loading XML data”, while making use of different XMLType “physical storage containers”.

I also have done some initial testing with Object Relational XMLType storage, but because this method of storage has many options and extra features, I won’t describe them yet here. This topic is interesting enough to earn its on post.

If you need some background on Oracle XMLType Storage option than have a read through the “Binary-, CLOB, Object Relational Storage” Category option in the menu, the Oracle XMLDB Developers Manual or a short intro via Oracle 11g – XMLType Storage Options.

After having created an environment as described in “XMLDB Performance: Environment, Set-up, Procedure“, the following results were gathered by me while keeping values constant, for example the values for “connection.xml“, as described in the “XMLDB Performance: Environment, Set-up, Procedure” . Only the WIKI_STAGE create statements are different.