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October 16

Just to start off the 11gR2 series, here the first small “HOWTO” post regarding the new features in Oracle 11gR2. The 11gR2 database supports now 3 binary XML partitioning options. Partitioning has great advantages, if you are dealing with huge volumes of XML data. Those advantages are mainly regarding maintenance, for instance updating/refreshing data, or the local partitioning index that belongs to the specific partition that you want to alter. You can use this form of partitioning on XMLType Columns and XMLType Tables, XML Schema based or Schema-less.

Binary XML XMLType should be used, most of the time, if you are dealing with content/data driven environments (XML Schema based) or document driven (if XML Schema less). The following 3 options are now available:

  1. range
  2. list
  3. hash

XML Partitioning is based on a column or a virtual column and is defined via the XMLTABLE function/syntax. You are allowed to pass on a XML resultset/fragment into the next nested XMLTABLE syntax, but only once. See the Oracle XMLDB Developers Guides for more information.