Tag: Oracle 11g

July 13

Today I discovered a web page that has some cool whitepapers and thesis of Mr. Martin Necasky. Besides the work he is doing regarding conceptual modeling for XML, he also wrote a book about this topic called “Conceptual Modeling for XML” in which he, among others, discusses his own conceptual model for XML called XSEM that extends the Entity-Relationship model, he and Ms Irena Mlynkova, wrote a 13 page brief discussion on “The Current Support of XML by the ‘Big Three'” (March 2009 – Oracle 11g, IBM DB2 9, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008).

Some remarks (about Oracle only of course) on this brave attempt (no seriously you can read that it isn’t copy paste work – so a lot of work in testing was probably involved in putting this to paper)…