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April 17

Although it isn’t (absolute) science, it has been a little bit over two years since I enabled Google Analitics. Just to see were I was regarding Gardner trends and if my XMLDB nerd mindset had any chance in the real world…

For those who are interested, hereby some small impressions…

Totals for this website

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March 25

I don’t know what it is today, but reading Tanel’s post about “Oracle 11g: Reading alert log via SQL“, I just wanted to see if I could manage to do it backwards.

In principle you don’t have to use the statements below, because I noticed that the DBMS_SYSTEM.KSDWRT will do it for you automatically.

The content of my Oracle 11g log.xml file is as follows

 Starting ORACLE instance (normal)



So based on Tanel’s blog, could I do the same, but now with XMLDB functions (based on database version…

Here it goes.

March 24

I just saw Daniel Fink’s – OptimalDBA – blog post: When is a sql statement too long? When the following OTN XMLDB Forum post popped up in my mind… “xquery” versus “select xmlquery” and passing clauses. It tells the story about using bind variables and its performance issues, some alternative ways of dealing with things, charactersets and the ORA-19102 error (“XQuery string literal expected”), ORA-19114 (“Error during parsing the XQuery expression: string”) or ORA-01704 (“String literal too long”).

So when is a XQuery string too long…?