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October 20
August 25

Do you read FAQ…?

Somehow I keep people reminding there is a FAQ URL on the XMLDB forum and even then people refuse to read those good examples… Anyway found two great posts I want to share and remember on this, my, web “notepad”. Besides the treewalker example, I tested the examples of those mentioned in the XQuery post on a Oracle 11.2 database.

As far as I could find the treewalker example is part of DOM V2 and not mandatory to implement but I wonder how I can get around the local() stuff, anyway, I will have to investigate a bit further if its just me being a novice in XQuery or that I am missing out on details/info. The XQuery post only demonstrates to me how powerful this extra query language is in an Oracle database and that it is time for me to learn this properly…

The posts that I was referring to:

…be aware of the use of the (double quote instead single quote), namespaces (indeed apparently always an issue) and using (::) in SQL*Plus… The (::) is needed in SQL*Plus to mark that the “;”  is not seen as direct processing instruction for SQL*Plus, but in this case, is for the XQuery engine.

The headlines follow the ones in the XQuery post…