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September 5

There has some time past since my last update on my XMLDB Performance, tuning, adventure. As you maybe have read, I had my problems to set-up a decent test environment and loading XML data. I am testing with an Mediawiki XML dumpfile. If there is a problem or a side effect to notice than I have a big chance that it will show up if not only by the size of this Mediawiki XML dumpfile. The Mediawiki XML dumpfile contains, when I downloaded it, almost 8 million records and has a file size on Windows NT NFS of 17,4 Gigabyte.

Loading this data via the procedures described in my posts, “HOWTO: Load Really Big XML Files” and “Setting Up an XMLDB Performance “Baseline” Environment (Part 02)” dealt with some of the issues I encountered to realize controllable testing set-up. Loading this amount of XML data will take some time.