Tag: “2.0”

July 8

Everything is “2.0” nowadays so, why not my blog titles…? Things are going fast this year and if you’re not noticing, the things you thought you knew, are obsolete before you know it and in another blink, the world has been re-shaped again… A while ago Oracle announced there intentions to acquire Sun. Shortly after I saw the keynotes from the Google I/O Conference and thought “Wow, this Google Wave has all the ingredients to reshape the “not enterprise world” (at least not yet) but, “at least”, has the potential to directly compete with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Oracle Beehive, etc…”. The world is shifting.

I mean, I know, or at least that is, IMHO, what I see what Oracle is doing, is taking on “the war” from the trenches, from the server room. Slowly moving from the server area, to the mid tier, to the front end, towards hardware and Open Source / OS, to application logic / Java onto your desktop and mobile. The only thing Oracle now needs, IMHO, would be a take over like something like, for instance, “Amazon”, to become a second Google. Result instant: “Oracle Docs/Apps in the Cloud” or “Oracle in the Cloud”.