Category: SQL, XML/SQL, XPath, XQuery

April 7

I had nothing really to do this afternoon, so i updated Oracle XE ( Beta) with the Oracle (standard database) patch, that is…only the data dictionary part.

Just to check if this could be done and if some limitations were data dictionary based… 😉


August 23

Sometimes you want to search for Oracle database messages, their meaning or you are in search of specific database event settings.

For instance, a long time ago i was searching for an event that would trace when an datafile would expand / autoextend. I encountered latching problems on a Siebel system based on an new Oracle Failsafe environment (Windows 2000 cluster). I wanted to be sure that these latching problems weren’t introduced by the newly introduced datafile AUTOEXTEND feature.

May 12

Yesterday i was reading nice discussions on Asktom about the dual table. Afterwards somehow a “undocumented” Oracle feature popped into my mind again. Last time I used is at least in those days I worked with Oracle 7.0 /7.1. So I tried It out on Oracle database version and it still works…

😉 Maybe it is (still) usefull to someone. See hence my example: