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November 26

A long long time ago (during my Oracle 7 days), I once needed to update base table SYS.PROPS$. This action was needed to change the database NLS characterset of US7ASCII to a characterset that would support GERMAN. Based on a metalink note, updating the SYS.PROPS$ base table, was the only way to achieve this (or completely rebuild the environment) in those Oracle 7 days.

This procedure was tricky. If you updated it with the wrong, an unsupported character set or with a typo in the string, the database would be corrupted and could not be started up again (so be warned if you want to fiddle around with the method)

Since those days, I always lookup NLS settings via a quick select on that table. The last time I did this, was a long time ago and to my surprise, while looking up settings, I noticed that this table does contain more data then only NLS parameters these days…

Output of a full (demo) clean database Oracle 11g installation gives:

October 12

Did it. At last I managed to install Oracle V5.1.17.4 on MSDOS 6.22 under VMware Server 1.04. You probably think I am nuts. As someone said on our way home from Miracle Open World: “I would spend my time learning Oracle 11g”. Maybe. The person who said it, by the way, is an Oracle trainer, so what would I expect…

I / we (Bert Jan Meinders, an old colleague of mine) did our first attempt almost 1, 1 1/2 years ago. Our first attempt was based on VMware GSX software after we succesfully installed Oracle 4.1 on MSDOS. This was the first time (and until now the last time) I saw a total crash of VMware software. Oracle V5 was shipped under DOS with a memory manager called SQLPME (SQL Protected Mode Executive) V1.2.1.

This memory manager made extended memory available for use of Oracle software (database, forms etc), this way it could cross the 640 Kb boundary of conventional memory.

SQLPME was aggressive enough with its peeking and poking in memory that it crashed the VMware GSX environment at the time. Under VMware Server 1.04 it just hung itself up / nothing happened.

SQLPME crash

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October 15