Author: Marco Gralike

May 12

Yesterday i was reading nice discussions on Asktom about the dual table. Afterwards somehow a “undocumented” Oracle feature popped into my mind again. Last time I used is at least in those days I worked with Oracle 7.0 /7.1. So I tried It out on Oracle database version and it still works…

😉 Maybe it is (still) usefull to someone. See hence my example:

March 3

It’s possible to have also two different version listeners (the 9 and 10 version) running, by settting different ORACLE_HOME’s and PATH’s, and starting the different listeners. I like to have 1 listener – as long as this can be maintained regarding incompatibility and bugs etc – therefore my latest listener version is leading (version 10g). Set your ORACLE_HOME accordingly. My 10g Oracle home is placed in directory/oracle/rdb10g/ and my TNS_ADMIN directory is set to directory /oracle/network/admin.

C:\> export ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/rdb10g
C:\> export TNS_ADMIN=/oracle/network/admin
C:\> export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$PATH
December 24

On the 7th of December, I, a database administrator, had a seminar from Mr. Chris Date about “Relational Remodeled” (into the 21st century with the relational model: a technical presentation).

It’s contents and implications still startles me. Not because the issues explained by Mr. Date were new, but that the issues are still, after so many years, very much alive. Chris told a small story during this seminar about a question, he once asked to his wife, when she tried to understand why he was so excited.

Chris asked her “what’s the most essential thing about databases”. She replied after a while: “I think, that you can trust the data, you have stored in the database!”