Scoop – First glance of the new Oracle Live SQL?

When I was at OOW this year I saw the new (?) Oracle Live SQL web environment in action during the Oracle JSON Hands-on Lab workshops. I had a go at it and I liked it very much. As far as I know they will/might introduce it on the internet as well for, for example, Oracle By Example (OBE) environments and test it yourself courses / workshops.

To give you the scoop, here are some screen shots. Hope you like them as much as I do (like the KISS look-and-feel).

Oracle Live SQL – Main Code Library with 12.2 JSON OBE


Oracle Live SQL – Entry page of the JSON 12.2 DB OBE


Oracle Live SQL – Executing code via training example code


Oracle Live SQL – About and help pages


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  1. November 5 is available now, and has been for nearly a year I think

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