Come and Enjoy – OakTable World 2015

Yep, its free, its cool and a lot of fun.

During Oracle OpenWorld 2015, the OakTable guys gather for another OakTable World symposium. From Monday and onwards, you can enjoy free presentations and inhale experience points from the most passionate (Oracle) tech people around.

Among others, you can listen to Kellyn Pot’vin-Gorman, Gwen Shapira, Tanel Põder, Cary Millsap, Kevin Closson, Jonathan Lewis…Like last year and the year before, the event takes place in the Children’s Creativity Museum (very very near Moscone).

Keep updated on the agenda, stuff that will (additionally) go on and other info via Kyle’s website:

Want to get in the mood? Have a look at an old OakTable World 2012 Teaser.

OakTable World 2012 – Teaser


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