Oracle XFILES now on GitHub

The demonstration environment for Oracle XML DB called XFILES is now on GitHub. As stated by Mark Drake (Oracle) maintaining the code “Moving forward this will be its new home”.

Use the following GitHub URL to download the material:


Executive Overview

The xml-sample-demo repository contains a set of downloadable and installable demonstrations for Oracle XML DB. Each demonstration can be installed independently of any of the other demonstrations. Each demonstration has it’s own folder within the xml-sample-demo repository. However in order to install and run any of the demonstrations the XFILES application must be installed first.

The XFILES application is a web-based application that demonstrates the content management features of the Oracle XML DB repository. The application itself is also a simple demonstration of how easy it is to create an application using XML, HTML and AJAX, that leverages the Oracle XML DB HTTP server and the Database Native Web Services features of Oracle XML DB. It also provides a live demonstration facility that allows other XML DB demonstrations to be run in a browser. More information on how to download, install and run the application can be found in the file located in the XFILES folder.

The APEX alternative, XACE (“XFILES APEX Community Edition”) can still be found on, and downloaded via

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