Downloading VirtualBox VM “Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cR4”

Strangely enough those cool VirtualBox VM machine downloads are nowadays a bit scattered on different Oracle places on and others. So in all that new Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cR4 VirtualBox VM machine might not be that easy to find.

Here the info needed regarding were you can find it currently, that is not on,, or on, but on:

The “Oracle VM VirtualBox for Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 4 ( Media Pack for x86 64 bit” is split in 4 pieces. After they have been downloaded, unzipped and “concatenated” (on Linux/Apple eg. via “cat VBox*.ova > EM12cR4.ova”) into one VirtualBox “ova” archive file, the VirtualBox VM template can be imported into VirtualBox.

Under the “ReadMe” button, among others, the following steps are described:

Deploying the VirtualBox Template

1. Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox on your host system.

2. Download and extract the VirtualBox files as follows:

a) Extract all of the zip files using unzip. This will create files with the .ova extension.

b) Run the following command to combine the .ova files into one .ova file:

On Linux: cat VBox*.ova > EM12cR4.ova

On Windows: type VBox*.ova > EM12cR4.ova

3. Import your VirtualBox template as follows:

a) In the VirtualBox Manager, run the following command to launch the Appliance Import Wizard:

File > Import Appliance

b) Click Choose… to browse to the directory you re-assembled all the files in and select the .ova file.

c) You will see the virtual machine as “(Powered Off)” after the import has completed.

4. After the import has completed, double-click the virtual machine or click “Start” to start the virtual machine.

Have fun while fiddling around at home with this new Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 setup and I would advise you to look up more cool info about OEM12cR4 and new features on Kellyn Pot’Vin related OEM 12cRx blog site.



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