1. Jason H
    December 21

    I suppose one of the factors is the size of the XML in STATISTICS_VALUE. I don’t have Exadata access either so just curious.

    I am also wondering, if performance/speed is an issue with your above query, would it be beneficial to make a GTT that mimics sys.V_$CELL_STATE, but where STATISTICS_VALUE is a proper BINARY XMLType storage. This would make it a three step process clean out the GTT (COMMIT/DELETE), run an insert to populate, and then the query to extract the info.

    Since the information is real-time dynamic, you would still be seeing the same information, just with a bit longer delay to see the formatted results of the final SQL statement.

  2. December 21

    Valid remarks Jason. The GTT could be a good workaround, if performance was needed. I made the remark about performance more out frustration, due to the fact that Dev teams apparently never speak/share information with each other (but then again whats new). The APEX team is also still using the old deprecated operators and functions. And yes, also I have no clue what the content is in those columns. I had only the XML snippet Frits gave me, to work with.

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