OOW 2012 – It will be a great Conference…

For me it all started out very stressful. I overslept yesterday, or the day before, and noticed that it already was 08.25 AM. My flight would leave at 09.50, so the rush to the airport was very painful. Seriously hope I won’t have too many speeding tickets in my attempt to checkin somehow anyway on my drive from Utrecht to Schiphol near Amsterdam.

By some miracle, I made it, just in time with 5 minutes before boarding. Another thing that helped was the fact, due to security checks, the plane was delayed by 30 minutes or so. In the plane I caught up with a lot of good old friends like Markus Eisele, Frits Hoogland and Roel Hartman besides Lucas and Alex. After a 10 hour flight, a 30 minute drive by bus, we all arrived at the Sofitel Hotel near Oracle HQ were, bitten by the time difference, I went to bed early.

Thomas Kurian during ACED pre OOW Briefing

Thomas Kurian passionately speaking about Oracle during the ACED briefing

The next day at Oracle HQ, yesterday, we got our first ACE Director product Oracle product briefing and besides all info released about what’s going to be hot during Oracle Open World this year and what’s not, you can imagine while reading the following news released yesterday via Bloomberg, some announcements about the upcoming 12c database and some new hardware will be made by Mr. Ellison.


Without really telling you, I guess, you can deduct from the article, there will be some database, hardware and cloud announcements. On Monday we all will know all the how, what and where, so some real details. I got an invite, via my blogger credentials to be at a press conference with Mark Hurd on Monday, so that will be fun. I keep you posted, if allowed being under NDA, what further cool stuff will be out there. One thing is for sure. There will be too much to digest and some pinpointing on bits and pieces is probably a good thing. Keep this site in scope for further details from Oracle Open World while things are announced, via posts from me, Lucas, Alex, Luc, Aino, Emiel and Paco.


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