1. Greg
    December 14

    In XML db we know how to mass load images using FTP.

    We need a way to load individual image file from a PC to XML db.
    Does anyone know of any utility for this please.

    We have a input text box with a “Browse” button to select an image stored locally on the user’s computer. The browse button will open the
    file selector window. Once a file is selected, the path to that file is returned back to the input box. The upload button will upload the file
    to the XML DB.

    • December 14

      I follow you everywhere…

      As said on the other blog and on the OTN forum…

      As said by you, you can do this via FTP or WebDAV to load them into the XDB Repository, that is, the database. Other methods are via OCI/SQL*Net, the same way as you would load a BLOB. If you speak about “input text box” is this part of an APEX application…?

      Please lets follow up / continue via:


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