Oracle XBRL Extention – Second Release now available for Download

The XBRL Extention, a no cost add-on extention on XML-DB targeting the Extensible Business Reporting Language area, is now available for download. This second release ( ) of the Oracle XBRL Extension can be downloaded from the Oracle Support site ( Once you have downloaded the file, please follow the instructions in the README.txt file to install the software.

Here are what’s new in the new in this release:

  • New routines createStarSchemaFromFact and createStarSchemaFromHC have been added to PL/SQL package DBMS_ORAXBRLV to retrieve the list of table (view) names of a generated star schema.
  • New routine DTS_filelist has been added to PL/SQL package DBMS_ORAXBRL to retrieve a discoverable taxonomy set (DTS).

For more info about the Oracle XBRL Extention see also “Oracle XBRL Extension Ready for Download”.

Marco Gralike Written by: