Oracle XBRL Extension Ready for Download

The new ready to download Oracle XBRL Extension is a “no cost option” on top of the latest Oracle Database release. With this added functionality you will get a database environment that contains

  • One or more back-end XBRL repositories based on Oracle Database, which provide XBRL storage and query-ability with a set of XBRL-specific services
  • An external XBRL processing engine (XPE)

The XBRL Extension to Oracle XML DB integrates easily with Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) for analytics and with interactive development environments (IDEs) and design tools for creating and editing XBRL taxonomies.

Architecture of XBRL Extension to Oracle XML DB

Oracle XBRL Extension

There is a generic “patch” (patch 10411201),, which can be downloaded from and installed to be used on top of the Oracle XML DB. In addition, there are also two platform-specific patches (currently only available for Linux-x86-64 and Solaris-64 platforms):

For the Linux-x86 64 bit platform:


For the Solaris 64 bit platform:


Besides a installation readme, also a HTML/PDF document is available in these patches that have extensive info on how to use this XML DB XBRL extension and a demo based on the US GAAP XBRL taxonomy. On the Oracle XBRL Extension main page, you also can see the power of this architecture combined with web enabled application, the standard tools like Microsoft Excel, Word and analyses done on such an taxonomy database architecture via Oracle BI Server.

For more information see the Oracle XBRL Extension main page or the Oracle XML DB discussion forum.


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