Oracle – Small but important changes

From this version onward the default storage model for XMLType is not CLOB but Binary XML. This has the advantage that due to its Binary XML nature Oracle can optimize XML handling because the format of the XML document or instance is known. Also Oracle can, if possible, transport XML binary format, so smaller in size, data in and out the database if used with the binary XML API’s. Another advantage handling content driven queries, is the possibility of query rewrites or optimizing memory objects, so called XOB objects which are more efficient or smaller in size.

See the Oracle XMLDB Developers Guide 11.2.0.x for more info.

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  1. Statistique
    September 10

    A small but important change should’t be a small change, right ?!! ;p

  2. September 12

    I guess it isn’t one then…


  3. mark russel
    April 13

    Unfortunately seems that new XML binary data cannot be replicated through Materialized views nor through Streams.

  4. April 13

    Depends a bit if you are using Binary XML with or without and XML Schema and/or database version.

  5. mark russel
    April 13

    We’re on
    The database was upgraded from
    The application comprises over 8000 tables each with XMLTYPE column – total size 1TB. No XML schema unfortunatley – it’s vendor application.

    We would like to migrate XMLTYPE storage from CLOB to XML BINARY but we have issue in that many of these tables are replicated to datawarehouse type of database.

    Actually, we’re trying to convince vendor that they MUST migrate CLOB to BINARY XML for other reasons. E.g. less disk resources needed, can take advantage of more efficient LOB architecture – securefiles.

  6. April 13

    – Binary XML CLOB will be depricated
    – Binary XML CLOB is slower then Securefile on all fronts
    – Binary XML CLOB is less efficient in storage
    – Binary XML Securefile is Oracle’s default from and onwards
    – Binary XML Securefile is way faster regarding content driven XML selects / xpath / xquery than Binary XML CLOB/Basicfile storage by default.

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