Advert: The Michigan OakTable Symposium

Lets say you can’t make it to those presentations of Oracle Open World this year and you also hadn’t the budget to come to Europe to see really (technically) in depth, practice driven, great (probably new) views on your performance and architecture work at work during Miracle Open World, then there is a great alternative: The Michigan OakTable Symposium.

Its “only” a 2 day symposium but you have a chance there to come up personal, discuss issues during presentations and on site, for instance in the lobby, with some of the top people in their field like, among others, Jonathan Lewis, Tanel Poder or Cary Millsap.

I really like those mini-conferences, because they always bring me new ideas how to solve problems at work or stuff that I am dealing with in my mind, seeing them from a new perspective or get new info and techniques, involving Oracle software, I didn’t know about yet…

During this years The Michigan OakTable Symposium you have to chance to enjoy Cary’s extended version (2 slots, one on Tuesday and one on Friday) of his “Thinking Clearly About Performance” presentation that won this year’s ODTUG Editor’s Choice Award. Anyway, almost all presenters during this 2 day event are Oracle ACE’s, ACE Directors or the top in their field and really have something to say…

  • Christian Antognini
  • Mark Farnham
  • Randolph Geist
  • Alex Gorbachev
  • Tim Gorman
  • Marco Gralike
  • Eric Grancher
  • Jonathan Lewis
  • Cary Millsap
  • Doug Burns
  • Jeff Needham
  • Mogens Norgaard
  • Tanel Poder
  • Tuomas Pystynen
  • Robyn Sands
  • Joze Senegacnik
  • Riyaj Shamsudeen
  • Chen Shapira
  • Jeremiah Wilton
  • Andrew Zitelli

Their biographies of, I guess probably almost combined 200+ years of practical IT experience, can be found here:

As Mogens Norgaard said it during his remarks (see the video on Miracle Channel) on the new Second OakTable book called “Expert Oracle Practices: Oracle Database Administration from the Oak Table” that those “new” people really made a better book than the first one, they know their stuff…

Anyway, in short, I suggest to have a look at the MOTS agenda yourself:

See you there? If your not convinced look them up on the internet or via the OakTable aggregated blog site.


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