1. Frank Kap
    December 11


    This looks promising, although saving the Oracle Developer Days.ovf gave me a few headaches. First it opened in my browser (after the SSO at Oracle) and some tags became invalid when I copied the content to a Oracle Developer Days.ovf file. The second time I tried to save the target, it became an XML file. After renaming the extension now I got the VM importing the Appliance…..


  2. Anonymous
    June 30

    […] (among others webservices, geo location app, version control and more) You can also download the OTN Developer Days Virtualbox environment to play with a fully installed XMLDB XFILES appl. (example 3 of the “Oracle By […]

  3. mohsen
    December 30

    I downloaded the Oracle Virtual Box and the Oracle Developer Days ova file as per instructions. When I try to import the appliance I get the following message:

    Failed to import appliance C:\Users\frank\Downloads\Oracle_Developer_Days.ova.

    Could not create the clone medium ‘C:\Users\frank\VirtualBox VMs\Oracle Developer Days\Oracle Developer Days-disk2.vmdk’ (VERR_GENERAL_FAILURE).

    Result Code: VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80BB0004)
    Component: Appliance
    Interface: IAppliance {3059cf9e-25c7-4f0b-9fa5-3c42e441670b}

    My machine is a windows xp sp2 with 2gbs ram. Can anyone help?

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