If You Are Going to MOW…

(just on a side-note)

…and would really like to attend Anjo Kolk and Tommy Pedersen’s presentation: “Accessing the Oracle Database from Google (Apps, App Engine, Spreadsheets)” then do yourself a favor and also attend my presentation on XMLDB based out-of-the-box interfacing (“Boost your environment with Oracle XMLDB“) so you have an idea how it all hooks in…

See the MOW agenda for Friday


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  1. April 13

    what a shameless way of plugging your own session!

    Good luck

  2. April 22

    To be honest I should never have switched the session with Anjo. The session was early (had only 4 hours sleep) and instead of 1 hour time, I had to do with 45 minutes…which was way to short…

    I was not happy with the overall content myself…


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