1. 12/1/2009

    Ah! I only just saw this. Things make more sense now 😉

  2. 12/1/2009

    Wow! Just read the post properly and I’m slightly overwhelmed by the effort you put in to this. They looked so good I assumed you’d got someone to make them!

    I’m touched. Thanks, man …

  3. 12/1/2009

    Originality comes with a price 😉 Anyway, your welcome.

  4. Mark

    Cool 😉 too bad I’m not an Ace else I would order them right away.

  5. 12/1/2009

    Sorry Mark, uniqueness is guaranteed 😎

  6. 12/2/2009

    UKOUG 2009 – Day 2…

    That’s more like it!Well yesterday was much better, although not very successful in terms of number of achievements or educational experiences, but I cheered up a hell of a lot. (Some might suggest that would be a good idea in general.)I woke up fairl…

  7. Carol D

    Sweet clogs, Marco! Guess I need to earn them! Glad you lads had a great time in Merry ‘Ole England. Hopefully we will show you a better time in Michigan next September!

  8. 12/10/2009

    I Stanley as the Original ACE Director feels I should have clogs (little ones to pin on me, I don’t have legs).

  9. Gary

    “Alex lost his clogs due to the Australian customs ”
    Australian quarantine (rather than customs) are very alert to incoming wildlife.

    “It has taken 18 months, one of the largest tarps ever made and close to $60,000 of taxpayers’ money but experts believe they have beaten an infestation of super termites….The termites were thought to have arrived here in a wooden frame the previous owner bought in Brazil.”

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