December 7

Its already Saturday again. UKOUG is over. The weather here in Holland isn’t much better than it was in Birmingham but somehow I miss the X-mas atmosphere. So what did I enjoy or dislike during this years UKOUG conference? The wifi was a minor bummer, but the rest was up on high standard as always. Good quality presentations as should be expected.

On Monday, I really liked James Morle’s Virtual Insanity presentation and realized that I should investigate some more regarding the internal workings and stuff going within virtual machines and the part they play when running Oracle inside it. I hope I can pick up the presentation slides from somewhere. There were a lot of items/topics in that presentation that I will have to look up regarding internal hypervisor methodology.

Mark Drake’s presentation Overview of Oracle XML DB in Oracle Database 11g
run out of time, which could be a bit expected due to the fact that he tried to give a general overview on Oracle XMLDB architecture and its history. Apparently he prepared thoroughly, I really enjoyed it, but he had approximately 80 slides. The XMLDB Developers Guide nowadays counts for more than 900 pages of material and it is undo-able to touch all those topics. For a non-native speaker this probably would not even doable… Would have liked a small demo in there somehow… Afterward Mark told me that they were thinking about posting the XFiles app onto the website, but were a bit scary what would happen if anyone could upload files as the wanted (ehhh stuff like viagra, etc, spam…). I thought a bit about it. Maybe it is easy to prevent by allowing only certain MIME types, like “txt” files…although…

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