Oracle XML(DB) Sessions during UKOUG 2009

I will be there, but I won’t be presenting this year. So besides all the other great in-depth sessions, whats out there regarding Oracle XML(DB) topics…?

As far as I could find, there are 3 presentations that are direct or indirect discussing Oracle XML(DB) Topics. Two presentations from John King and one from Mark Drake (one of my sessions that I will “chair”).


Both John and Mark are very knowledgable on XML topics, so if you need indepth advise or have questions about how to handle XML and or performance questions ask.

Can I make XML go faster?

Mr John King 30/11/2009 10:55 – 11:55

Oracle has been a leader in XML database processing. Often XML performance is not what is desired. This session discusses Oracle XML performance, and performance improvement. Topics include: XML formatting, choosing correct XMLType, SecureFile/BasicFile, XML indexing, document design, and Insert/Update/Delete. Results from actual testing will help understand how XML processing can be improved.

Oracle 11g for Developers: What you need to know

Mr John King 01/12/2009 13:00 – 13:45

New features of Oracle 11g database geared to developers are discussed and demonstrated. Emphasis is placed on features that can reduce development time, make development simpler, improve performance, or speed deployment. Topics include: SQL functions, Regular Expressions, virtual columns, Binary XMLType, XML indexing, PIVOT, and PL/SQL enhancements: compiler, triggers, result cache.

Overview of Oracle XML DB in Oracle Database 11g

Mr Mark Drake 30/11/2009 13:40 – 14:40

This presentation will provide an overview of the features of Oracle XML DB in Oracle Database 11g. The first part of the presentation will focus on the use Oracle XML DB for information interchange, including generating XML using SQL/XML and XQuery and processing XML using XQuery. It will also show how to use XQuery to create relational views of XML content that can be access via conventional SQL.

By the way; I will be strawling through those UKOUG conference halls as well, so if you have any XML questions, don’t be to afraid to offer me some coffee ( 😉 ) and you will get free XML advise in return and / or a enthousiastic epic on how you should deal with XML (so you are warned as well).


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