“No Cuddly Toys, Man!”

“No cuddly toys this year, man”. This message from a mail Doug send a short while ago, started popping up today in my mind, while strawling along in a traffic jam. No idea why he thinks that I have anything to say about it (read last years report during the UKOUG conference called “UKOUG – About MTV and Lions…“).

Stuff happens.

On the other hand, why the hack this powerpoint slide some weeks ago, Doug, during Oracle Open World…? Or was it a mandatory slide / had Polly and the Boys anything to do with it…? Bit lost here.

I would like a Penguin!

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Not that I encountered a Penguin lately. A Penquin that was the least interested to go to Scotland, that is. So sorry mate, no penquins traveling as a companion along the ride with me this year.


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