1. November 1

    Hi Marco and Mark,

    Very nice initiative and of course you can count on me to help you with the APEX app.

    I’ve been thinking about Carl also the last days, it’s amazing already a year has past. I can still remember “that” day as yesterday.

    Thanks again,

  2. November 1

    OK, Cool Dimitri.

    I really appreciate it. I will have to first laydown the foundation before I release the code.

    If not only to prevent some disappointment regarding “not performing” while in principle the basics of XMLDB are not understood. One of the things is that the demo app makes use of the by Mark created xdbutilities packages, which are a set of tools and procedures that makes working with XMLDB a lot more easier/simpler.

    But yeah, on the APEX part we need all the help we can get from the APEX community.

    As said,

    Thanks. Will send you the code the moment the foundation to make this successful has been laid and/or you will be able to download it here.



  3. November 2

    Hey Marco,

    Very good initiative. If I can help you out, just call me or drop me an e-mail!


  4. Michael Roessler
    November 2

    Thank you for this effort to make available Mark and Carl’s XFILES app. This is yet another great example of the breadth of functionality available with APEX/XML DB, and a fond reminder of just how astonishingly much Carl Backstrom contributed to the APEX community.

    I would like to help in any way I can toward the production or education of an XFILES packaged app.

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