Jacco & Cary Head to Head – Tom Kyte Resolves The Issue

Daring times during Oracle Open World…

While the discussion about the topic (aka “the method”) still continues, it seems that they (Cary and Jacco) came to an understanding which resolved in a friendly gathering in the OTN Lounge on Thursday. I will follow up on this issue, if Jacco will present his new Method-J, hopefully on Friday, which would be breaking news. Something OOW 2009 could actually need, after the lack for new stuff, in the keynotes on Thursday…

The following pictures were typical of the events that took place…(Thanks to Cary Millsap for making them, evidence of events that took place that afternoon, available). The topic was discussed extensively and thanks to the intervention of Tom Kyte, it seems, that this resolved all ongoing issues.

Head to head with CaryGroupies


In the meanwhile a new issue came up, as Scottish resident Doug Burns declared during an interview with Alex Gorbachev from Pythian, that he locked up his cuddly friends in his hotel room, while he was enjoying his presentations during Oracle Open World.

As said, I also will keep you informed about this new upcoming, disturbing issue actually, as well.



Disclosure: I’m attending this year’s Openworld Conference at the invitation of the Oracle ACE program, which isn’t paying my travel and accommodation expenses. The time off work is my own choice.

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