Oracle 11g Release 2 New XMLDB Features

Oracle 11g Release 2 for Linux can now be downloaded via the Oracle Technology Network here:

The documentation and whitepapers can be found via the following link:

The online manuals are also already online and can be found here:

Enjoy all the cool and fun new features like, among others, flash cash, the new structured XMLIndex, new partitioning options for Binary XML and Object Relational XML storage, Oracle Editions, Dataguard and RMAN enhancements, Restartable database features, Securefile compress low enhancement, External table enhancements, etc, etc, etc. Certainly the RAC enthousiast will be getting there share this time with all the new features available like the new Oracle file system that also besides the database parts, accepts software and other files.

I will keep you updated in the following days regarding my favourites and its specifics on XMLDB level.

New XMLDB features include:

  • Partitioning XMLType Tables (OR) and Columns
  • Access Control Enhancements
  • Repository Read and Write Performance Enhancements
  • Binary XML Performance Enhancements and Partitioning
  • XMLIndex Enhancements: Introduction of a new XMLIndex type for structured data
  • The announcement of parts of the XML/SQL toolset are being deprecated , from this release onwards, like extractvalue etc.
  • Enhancements in dbms_metadata regarding better support of OR XMLType XML syntax
  • The XSLT VM has been expanded into a full XQuery VM allowing to elinate all Java dependancies for XQuery

Read it here or meet up during Oracle Open World 2009.



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  1. September 1

    Nice, Oracle is finally able to patch a RAC without outage of the complete system and what a wonder in the same release they also give us Oracle Editions 😉
    I guess this release is going to be a lot of fun to work with.

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