1. A_Non
    July 16

    Just a note of caution when sending large amounts of info to the remote web service. UTL_HTTP.WRITE_TEXT takes in a VARCHAR2 so if your data is over 32K, you’ll need a loop around UTL_HTTP.WRITE_TEXT to write the total message as 32K chunks to the web service.

  2. Aditya
    March 28

    This is good, if the db version is 10.2 and above, using UTL_DBWS is the best way to consume Webservice

    • March 28

      It might…but there are reasons why UTL_DBWS is not installed by default, and/or a part of a database feature, in the database. Oracle might become fuzzy regarding its support.

  3. Abhisekh
    August 1

    Hi all , can anybody tell me how to generate the below xml type



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