Oracle ACE Case: XML DB

This is a wrap-up for those who are interested and/or the attendees of the “Oracle ACE Case: XML DB” presentation given for the Oracle Dutch user group, OGh, on the 16th of April 2009 at the Dutch Oracle HQ, De Meern in Holland.  It was real fun for me doing it and I hope the attendees also enjoyed it as much as me.

Although I hadn’t the time, the days before while I was prepping for the presentations, to do some timing and as a result run in overtime in the end, most of the attendees (95%) stayed even after the coffee break(at 20:45 hours). I hope this was a positive sign; that people liked the demo’s and presentations, which were 2 1/2 hours in total, and instead off finishing up at 21:00 hours, I went on, after asking the audience for approval, until 21:30 hours…

Anyway, hereby the PowerPoint presentations via Slideshare, a pdf, and the demo scripts that I used for that evening. I merged the two presentations off that evening into one for convenience.

Thanks to all who have attended that evening, I really enjoyed doing it. If not only, this time for once in my native language…


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  1. April 27

    Thanks for posting this presentation Marco, all very useful content, wish I could have been there myself. Will you be presenting something similar at OOW09 this year?



  2. April 27

    I have submitted two abstracts for OOW this year. If I am allowed and if I can make it happen, regarding the big financial crises and all ( 🙂 ), there will be at least one that is called:

    • Oracle XML Database – Design Concepts for XML Applications that will Perform !

    Did the last slides gave it away…? lol


  3. April 27

    By the way, this presentation has been based partly on my presentation during UKOUG 2008, partly on the XMLDB training course from the AMIS Technology school and partly on a customer use-case.

  4. April 27

    If not only, this time for once in my native language…

    Oh my god! I bet they couldn’t shut you up!


  5. April 27

    Even worse…

    They didn’t dare to walk away !


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