XMLDB Performance: Useful Resource Advice while using DBMS_XMLDOM

Anjo Kolk has started blogging again and I saw a useful post about using DBMS_XMLDOM, a package that can be used to handle XML while making use off the Document Object Model (aka rebuilding and managing XML in memory). Most of the time this way of handling XML can be very resource expensive on memory and CPU.

Anjo encountered such performance issues on customer sites and found a workaround using the package “dbms_session.free_unused_user_memory”, calling it just before the dbms_xmldom.newDomDocument statement.

At current, I have the same issues on a customer site, but I wonder if in my case, a VMS system, this can be applied without risk due to how VMS creates and manages process realms. It is an opportunity though to go for a quick win situation and try to solve the real issue later on (which eventually will need a lot of PL/SQL code reprogramming).


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  1. A_Non
    February 10

    Just so you know, I added a comment to Anjo’s blog on the topic you pointed to. I’m guessing it’s the memory leak I ran into about one year ago on both and Just wish I could find the bug number to go along with the SR we opened with Oracle so they could reproduce/patch this one.

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