1. Sairam
    December 23


    We are developing apex application and we want to configure SSL.
    Oracle XE (10g) database
    APEX 4.2

    Downloaded and Installed Apache2 (OpenSSL)
    Generated key for Open SSL
    Generated Certificate
    Modified the httpd.conf and SSL.conf

    When we type ‘mydomain.com’, the URL is redirecting to ‘https://mydomine/apex/f?p=100:1’. But the page is not loading (Unable to connect).

    I have modified xdbconfig.xml ( removed TestServlet,DBURIServlet and ReportFmwkServlet servlets and its mapping from xdbconfig.xml) and restarted the database.

    Still the apex home page is not loading.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. December 23

    Have a look at the the xdbconfig.xml, that is, if it is an XDB HTTP issue. There should be a HTTP configuration section that hooks into the PL/SQL based EPG servlet engine.

    If the XDB part succeeds, you are indeed redirected to the ?/p=1xx APEX section of the URL. If not you get an answer from APEX, aka its picked up by the default XDB part, then it is saying that you have to login into the XDB. If the latter then you should unlock the ANONYMOUS account, if you get an answer from APEX, then the issue is APEX based and not XDB related…

  3. Sairam
    December 24

    Hi Marco,

    Could you please explain in details how to test and how to find out the reason? as i am new to this concept.

    Thanks & Regards

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