UKOUG – About MTV and Lions…

I liked the little guy, but I hope that Doug is able to manage his TV behavior.

I met him in a Dutch movie theater, while watching “Madagascar, Escape 2 Africa” with my daughter. After a while I told him about this Scott called Doug Burns that has a lot of Cuddly Toys. He was very interested especially when I told him that Doug was a Celtic fan.

A Lion Watching TV

He, being a little bit disappointed with the Dutch National team, definitely wanted to meet this Doug guy and if possible wanted to see some Celtic games. He needed a change of scenery as he called it, so I took him along to Birmingham.

He was very annoying during his stay in the Jury’s Inn. I tried to prepare my presentation for Tuesday, but he was watching TV all the time. I think he liked the women on MTV but in the morning, he was still watching, I also caught him watching CBeecies children programs, so maybe there is a softer touch to his character as well.

On Stage

Anyway, during Doug’s presentation, I introduced him to Doug and I hope that he will get along with Polly and the Boys and that they will give him a warm welcome.


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  1. December 7

    Marco, much appreciated so thank you.

    He has received a very warm welcome. After much discussion and discarding the obvious Leonard, Lennie, or Marco, Mario seems to be the name that’s stuck with him.

    Celtic play Hibernian tomorrow at Easter Road. Easter Road is in Edinburgh so I’m going to try to get him a ticket. If not, he can watch the first game live on TV with me 😉

    (He does like to watch a *lot* of TV, though, doesn’t he?)

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