UKOUG – About MTV and Lions…

I liked the little guy, but I hope that Doug is able to manage his TV behavior.

I met him in a Dutch movie theater, while watching “Madagascar, Escape 2 Africa” with my daughter. After a while I told him about this Scott called Doug Burns that has a lot of Cuddly Toys. He was very interested especially when I told him that Doug was a Celtic fan.

A Lion Watching TV

He, being a little bit disappointed with the Dutch National team, definitely wanted to meet this Doug guy and if possible wanted to see some Celtic games. He needed a change of scenery as he called it, so I took him along to Birmingham.

He was very annoying during his stay in the Jury’s Inn. I tried to prepare my presentation for Tuesday, but he was watching TV all the time. I think he liked the women on MTV but in the morning, he was still watching, I also caught him watching CBeecies children programs, so maybe there is a softer touch to his character as well.

On Stage

Anyway, during Doug’s presentation, I introduced him to Doug and I hope that he will get along with Polly and the Boys and that they will give him a warm welcome.