Ask Tom Live – 2 Day Seminar with Tom Kyte in Holland

Tom Kyte will give a 2 day seminar, with the possibility to ask him about his new presentation material. He will be presenting in the Oracle Dutch HQ, de Meern, Holland on the 26th and 27th of Januari 2009.

He will be presenting the following topics:

  • The top 10 – no 11 – new features of Oracle Database 11g This session will focus on eleven new, high impact features of Oracle Database 11g and what they mean to you the developer or DBA.
  • Instrumentation
    This session will talk about the importance of heavily instrumenting your code and explore the possible methods of instrumenting your code in an Oracle environment
  • All about binding
    We’ll briefly overview why it is extremely important with regards to performance, scalability and even security but quickly move into topics such as: Do I always want to bind? What is bind variable peeking? Is it good or evil in disguise or a bit of both?
  • Real Application Testing
    This session will cover the “what and why” of this capability as well as demonstrate how to utilize this important new tool.
  • All about encryption
    From the dbms_obfuscation_toolkit, to dbms_crypto to transparent data encryption at the column level to tablespace encrypt and data pump encryption, we’ll cover them all.
  • Materialized Views, Caching
    In this session we’ll explore what a materialized view is, how they work, when we might use them, and various useful ‘techniques’ you need to know in order to make the most of them.
  • Effective Indexing
    We all know that “indexes are good”, but what kind of index is appropriate, and under what circumstances?  How does the type of index affect us?  What are the considerations you want to be thinking of when coming up with your indexing scheme.
  • Storage Techniques
    This session will look at the physical structures available to us, discuss when to use each.  Techniques such as clustering, index organized storage, partitioning and compression will be investigated.
  • Reorganizing objects – when and how
    We will discuss the times when a reorganization or rebuild is relevant, how to measure what you’ve done (to verify that the work performed did something useful!), and the best techniques for performing a reorganization of data.

Want more details? Have a look here: 2 Day Seminar with Tom Kyte


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