Busy, Busy and OOW Nearby…

This is a though busy week. I am trying to get things done but it is not easy to leave the building while leaving a clean desk behind. Saterday I will be on the plane and not all the modifications for my presentations on Sunday and Thuesday are the way I want them too.

The preview presentation session went great accoording to the reponses from the audience and they were more positive then what I had expected. I guess, I always be a perfectionist. At least I am aware of it, so that is OK.

On Sunday I will present for the first time my “old” session: “XMLDB Building Blocks & Best Practices”. It is the first time I will do this presentation in the States. Lets see how it goes. It is mostly dealing with rules of numb and concepts you will have to tackle while working with XML storage in the Oracle XML database and problems I encountered when I started out in 2004 solving those problems.

On Thuesday I will present my “new” session “Real World Experience with Oracle XML Database 11g: An Oracle ACE’s Perspective”. The presentation is my “Hitchhikers Guide Trough XMLDB”. It gives my broad overview on almost all XMLDB parts and functionality and the problems, solutions and cool ideas I encountered while working with XML data. It is also an overview on ideas and solutions from OTN and/or what I have learned from those giants while participating on the OTN Forum, since the last 3, 4 years.

The session on Sunday is full. The session on Thuesday isn’t. Probably your agenda is a full as mine, so I hope with this extra info about the content of the presentations you will or pick a better one, switch between my sessions or also join me in my journey on Thuesday to learn (and hopefully be inspired) about this strange default / core funtionality in the Oracle database called Oracle XMLDB.


Hope to see you there, but above all: Have Fun during Oracle Open World !

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