Month: August 2008

August 29

Undocumented stuff is always very interesting, although there is of course a reason why it is undocumented… Event settings are more or less in this category. They are often used by Oracle Support in their quest to do a good job solving our problems.

Sometimes events disable or enable features. Sometimes they trace internal processes. The later can be very helpful like setting the infamous “10046” event. I noticed some event settings that can be helpful while using XMLDB or the Protocol Server.

Here a small overview of some events that are in the manuals or mentioned during discussions on the OTN XMLDB Forum… Be careful while “playing” with these events. Some are mentioned in the XMLDB Developers Guide and not an big issue, others can cause very strange results or abnormal behavior.

So be advised…

August 25

Oracle Open World is near and I, more or less, finalized my schedule for Oracle Open World now. With the help of Doug’s schedule and from others, I filled in some blanks on Wednesday and Thursday.

I also saw that my session on Sunday, “Oracle XML DB: Building Blocks and Best Practices” and is almost full.

Sunday, Sep 21


Oracle XML DB: Building Blocks and Best Practices

Marco Gralike

My session on Wednesday with practical guidelines concerning working within the Oracle XMLDB boundaries, has still some seats available.

Tuesday, Sep 23


Real-World Experience with Oracle XML Database 11g: An Oracle ACE’s Perspective

Marco Gralike

Speaking about “Full“. Geoff Lee (Oracle)’s hands-on training sessions for “structured” storage are almost full and the hands-on training for “unstructured” have also only a few seats left. Be aware these are two different hands-on labs. One is dealing with Object Relational storage, the other one with (amongst others) binary XML storage structures…

An overview of all XMLDB related Oracle Open World sessions can be found on the following link: OTN XMLDB Forum OOW

I try to keep it updated… For instance, I added also the “Unconference” and “Oracle Mix Winners” related content.

August 25