OOW 2008 Content Catalog has been updated with Oracle Mix Winners

Triggered by Flavio’s blog post “and the winner is…” I checked if the other Oracle Mix winners were now also listed in the Content Catalog and could be scheduled via the Schedule Builder

and YES they are…(at least those who have confirmed the presentation – can’t find Richard Foote yet…) !

Besides Flavio’s presentation, I also registered myself now for Chris Muir’s presentation: “Back to Basics: Simple Database Web Services Without an Application Server (S301704). One of the Oracle Open World Oracle Mix Winner session lists can be found here: Oracle Open World Session Winners

Anyway, have a look via your Oracle Open World  Schedule Builder


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  1. August 1

    Thanks for reporting this web links Marco,
    i had precisely the curiosity about knowing who else had won, but i failed to find the time of investigating.

    It’s so good when someone else does a perfect job for you…



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