UKOUG 2008 – I am In…

As Nial said it, I am honored and very proud, because this year wasn’t “easy”. It was very though and I helped this year to judge 400 other presentations, so I know. Probably it is never easy, but the competition this year was huge. So making the first step in such a context, with such a “strange” field (XMLDB), makes me extra proud.

I made the first hurdle…

UKOUG 2008 – Speaker Confirmation
Dear Marco

Thank you for submitting your abstract “Having Fun with the XMLDB Protocol Server”, to present at UKOUG 2008, in Birmingham.

I am delighted to confirm that you been selected for inclusion with the program to present on Tuesday 2nd December.

Kind regards,

Aimee Kimerling
Agenda Project Manager

Still have to do some work on the presentation because I was also asked to merge some of the content from the other presentation into “Having Fun with the XMLDB Protocol Server”. I guess an other title to reflect better the merged content is then also in order. So I am not there yet. I have to rewrite it and still keep it “light” for this year incentive to do more presentations that would appeal beginners.

Hopefully seeing you there this year.


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  1. koert
    July 26

    See you there then šŸ˜‰

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