This is so Wrong – WiiWare for the Wii !

As if a Wii owner / user is not yet tempted enough, regarding those cool games.

WiiWareFor instance, I was able to get one of those very rare shiny Wii Boards (for the Wii Fit game, amongst others) and the first thing I see after finally being able to setup my wireless connection with my Linksys WAG200G router: WiiWare!

WiiWare is software, fully compatible with the Wii, that you can download via the Wii Shopping channel. I had some 1000 points left so downloaded an old favorite (Block Breaker, The Luxe) of mine for 8 euro’s (I guess roundabout 10 US $). It is a little bit more fancier than the one I have on my Nokia mobile phone but just as fun.

Looking around on the main page, I see there is some very teasing stuff, already out there or scheduled for the near future (“LostWinds” looks very cool!).

Ouch, those temptations… 😉

Oh and for those who might need the information…

Linksys WAG200G – Wii Wireless Setup

Linksys WAG200G:

  • Mixed network mode
  • WPA-2 mixed
  • DHCP enable
  • No further restrictions (yet)

Wii Settings:



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  1. March 1

    I lost several hours to set up the wireless card on my new Wii, with no results.

    Thanks to your suggestions I could make it work.

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