Month: May 2008

May 26

Your last chance to enlist for the DBA Conference in Holland, which will be held tomorrow in Zeist.

I was honored to meet them all during an informal dinner in Zeist. All off them see forward to the event tomorrow and probably, like me, the adrenaline level starts rising with this foresight. Tomorrow our presentations will put to the test (again for some).

In all it is a nice selection of Dutch presenters / database administrators:

  • An Author
  • One ACE Director
  • Two Oracle ACE’s
  • An Oracle Trainer
  • An Oracle Certified Master (one of the current five Dutch OCM DBA’ers)
  • And a lot of practical ICT experience in total

The agenda for tomorrow:

May 20

I just read Doug’s, hopefully first (I am interested how it is to present on a boat), blog post called “Conference Activities“. I didn’t realize that the deadlines are almost up for UKOUG. It feels like just the other day that I presented for the first time on UKOUG last December. You really missed something out if you didn’t try to put in an abstract. UKOUG was one off my all time best conferences so far. The quality of presentations is very good and the atmosphere is very cozy and welcoming, although the weather reminded me to much on the sometimes horrible cold and dreadful rainy Dutch weather.

Anyway, I took Doug’s advise at heart and submitted two presentations this year. I didn’t really start on them yet, but I have the outlines in my head.

The first one is called:

May 19

While being in Greece (2, 3 weeks ago), my nephew asked if I could install Ubuntu on his desktop. His desktop already contained Windows Vista Home Edition and I was not so sure if it would work to install a dual boot environment. I had ordered, a while ago, via the Ubuntu web site 2 CD’s of Ubuntu 7.10 via their “ShipIt” service. One for me and one for my nephew. So, after pointing out the re-partitioning risks involved, I tried my luck installing the Ubuntu 7.10 version. We de-fragmented the disk and split up the disk in two partitions via the build-in partitioner program.

A guided tour can be found here (not that you need it with this release):