Does patch matter…?

For XMLDB, yep, I guess so.

Have a look at some XDB details in Metalink Note:401436.1


3370858 Import fails (ORA-932) using FROMUSER / TOUSER for schema based xmltype
4277241 ORA-22813 for large xmlagg() with GROUP BY

4377659 Schema validation with number of nodes > 64k results in LSX-201
4387531 Spin running XPATH on SB table with IOT structured varrays
4424952 extractValue returns wrong result
4584641 Cursor leak using DBMS_XMLGEN with a PLSQL function returning sys_refcursor
4739114 Dump in shared server after using DBMS_XMLDOM
4877048 Dump (qmtModelGetMCA) on registering XML schemas using group
4887880 OERI:[qkactasrowvector_13] from CTAS with XML related operations
4892567 DBMS_XMLPARSER does not validate XML document against a DTD correctly
4931883 FTP PUT in XDB can be slow
4959294 DBMS_XMLSTORE does not follow CHAR based semantics
5018532 Insert / validate of valid document may OERI / dump
5037851 ORA-31000 from DBMS_TTS.TRANSPORT_SET_CHECK with XDB
5205394 Corrupt XML element data converting to generalized object
5210484 ORA-21700 with xsd:restriction where parent has sqlinline=”false”
5211545 Select with EXTRACT dumps in lxXmlGEntEsc2
5221989 ORA-30937 with chameleon schemas
5252061 PGA memory corruption / OERI[17456] creating a domain index
5253806 PLSQL DBMS_XMLDOM transformations may produce wrong non XML output
5259741 DBMS_XMLGEN.CONVERT trims output for multibyte database
5263631 EXTRACT query fails with ORA-31196 for XML schema using substitution groups
5326319 XMLType transform fails with spaces in parameters ORA-31011
5330677 XMLDB reports a validation error by mistake
5332686 Parsing XMLType (Opaque type) in Java fails
5347371 Dump [kkoojt] on a query against XML / XDB
5349808 IMP-60 hit when importing a table with an XML schema based XMLType column
5364613 Performance of XSL transform extremely slow
5377973 Register schema fails with ORA-4031
5382590 ALTER TABLE MOVE does not move all underlying objects of XDB table
5385791 ORA-932 with enumeration and complextype / simplecontent
5389917 ORA-30992 / ORA-1830 from XDB with DATE with TIMEZONE info
5391686 value().getnamespace() returns null
5392772 Corrupt XML output from SQLX
5399932 getrootelement() returns null even for valid single element node
5408970 Memory leak using XMLType() constructor on ADT in a loop
5437241 Dump accessing XML DOM in PLSQL
5437716 Wrong results with nested XML table operators
5471712 ORA-31067 from updateXML() with unescaped entities
5477912 Memory leak parsing DTD
5491132 xslprocessor.newStylesheet failS when XSL Document includes OS files
5497611 OERI[qctVCO:csform] from Xquery using XMLType constructor
5512159 doctype is appended to the XML when parsed against a DTD
5555833 Dump [kokees2c] from Xquery
5563913 EXTRACT is producing ‘xsi:type=”simple”‘ attribute after fix to 4713210
5569805 XMLelement query using outer join returns wrong results
5583634 OERI [17147] / dump after inserting a text node of size 64000
5655708 LPX-1 parsing a file using DTD loaded via parsedtdclob and setdoctype
5667235 ProcessXSL does not indicate if style sheet output is XML or not
5668025 XMLParser.Parse() can leak memory
5669015 Invalid ORA-29875 after creating number index on XML index
5687843 PGA memory leak inserting XMLDocument with many out of line elements
5690593 Datafile corrupt for ASM datafiles copied using xdb/ftp
5715742 XMLTransform() truncates output without error message
5716932 Memory corruption / OERI [17147] / dump selecting from PATH_VIEW
5734901 JDBC Thin XMLType.getDOM fails with SQLException
5736250 Dump [kpotcpop] using XDB
5763576 Wrong results from XMLForest()
5766196 ORA-942 on schema level import of table with foreign key and XMLSchema
5856727 Query on schemaValidate XMLtype table fails with OCI-30937
5864763 ORA-30951 inserting valid XML document
5865159 Dump (in lxxmlgentesc2) accessing text node with size close to 64k
5872480 LPX-224 can occur in XDB
5892080 updateXML corrupts repeating elements
5920672 DBMS_XMLDOM ignores xml:space=”preserve”
5947653 XE to EE upgrade fails in XDBx
6051977 DBMS_XMLGEN fails with OERI[qmxtcCtxConvertString] converting unescaped ampersand
6079393 ORA-918 on select from xmltype schema based table with 2 xmltable() used
6154575 XmlTransform does not have an option for ‘pretty printing’


So in all, a lot important problems resolved in this one. Stuff that matters.



Marco Gralike Written by:


  1. September 1

    This is an excellent ORACLE XML site.

    Could you please confirm the XML patch related with ORACLE version OR ORACLE 11g.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Many Thanks


  2. September 1

    Thanks, do my best.

    Although, I am not sure what you mend by “confirm the XML patch”. is out there already for a long time. They are working on (see OTN XMLDB Forum posts – sqlplus headers), but have no idea when it comes out. I hope before 11.2 though…


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