A story about OFA and other Standards

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  1. 2/14/2008

    “nothing has really changed. Only that we become older and make more money for doing the stuff we did ages ago, that is, solving old problems”

    Ha, too true ;-) I know the technology marches on, but people’s ability to shoot themselves in the foot is reliably consistent.

  2. 2/14/2008

    I my mind the mentioned whitepaper is “to clean” (or I became a lot smarter – nahh, I don’t think so…) in its explanation of the issues… although while checking it, the time frame looks correct (7.3 / 8.0)

    Doug, Thanks.

    I will put this one in a short list at the end of the post as well.

  3. 2/14/2008

    I don’t think it’s the original that we would have both read. It’s a later version (the title has some extra words on the end, for example) but I think it’s the same authors addressing the same issues.

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