Almost forgotten XMLDB whitepapers and presentations

I don’t look that often at the Oracle OTN XMLDB homepage (it isn’t updated frequently), so I didn’t notice that Oracle was so kind to place its Oracle Open World 2007 whitepapers and presentations on the XMLDB homepage. It is definitely worth while to have a look at those new entries. It’s a shame though that the hand-on lab manual and scripts URL doesn’t work.

Overview New XMLDB OTN Entries


Technical Information

  • Downloadable Oracle Open World 2007 XML DB Hands-on Lab Manual and Scripts (…link doesn’t work yet…UPDATE…have a look at the comments section for the correct URL)

Oracle OpenWorld 2007 XML DB Technical Papers

The Forgotten Whitepapers


Almost forgotten but really nice (conceptual) whitepapers and presentations still can be found via the “previous database release” (10gR2) URL. These whitepapers are more important / useful because they give great conceptual insight and/or contain very nice examples.

Technical Information

Happy reading…


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  1. August 10


    Due to the merger with SUN, the Oracle and SUN webpages where merged which resulted in a lot of broken links and/or even removal of the (old) whitepapers despite that they were conceptualy still sound.


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