“There is a real person behind every Oracle blog…”

I don’t do spam or chain letter stuff, but I think Howard’s reaction is extreme. What interest me more is what thinks Eddie about this. The OraNa Oracle info aggregator is his baby. In all I think this is a good performance aggragator test. A half year ago there was a lot of rumble going on about how big the Oracle “blogosphere” was. Look upon the positive part as well Howard 😉 / what could you do with the site info gathered, positively speaking (the other stuff, I already read)…

Reponses to Blog tagging

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The blog tagging thing will die out, one way or the other. I don’t mind the temporal flooding off OraNa (as long as Eddie doesn’t mind).

So you might ask yourself: “was he or wasn’t he tagged”. Yep I am blog tagged as well by Patrick Barel, Bas Klaassen and Laurent Schneider. So I will do my part on my own special “grumpy” way 😎 .

  1. Numbers: I became 42 in December 2007; I started “consuming” & “supporting” Oracle since 1993; First Oracle version “consumed” was Oracle 6.0 on Windows.

  2. Mondays: After high school, I studied Chemistry. My blue Monday, after this period, took in total 3 1/2 years. During that period, I tried to become an anesthesiology assistant (can you follow?). It didn’t work out so tried for a year as a operating assistant (the easy career move…). That didn’t really help. The fact that you have to stop thinking and to follow the “surgical leader” didn’t really help, so I dropped out.

    In that time I helped to deliver 30-40 babies via a caesarean section and I was lucky… nobody died on the table during my watch (some were really close though…). So don’t start about: “It is REALLY urgent, you will have to do blablabla…(IT related)“. I experienced the REALLY urgent stuff first hand. IT “stress” has a different meaning to me.

  3. Family: My wife is Greek and lived in Salonica. My daughter Athina (6) was born in Holland and is brought up dual lingual.

  4. Music: I like lots of kinds of music. Most favorite are genres like jazz-fusion or symphonic rock. Rick Wakeman is one of my musical heroes. I like(d) (there isn’t really room for all my instruments at home) to play my keyboards to “stress out”.

    Apparently my Roland JP 8000 became a classic (also its worth is increasing).

    Roland JP 8000

    My Korg Triton Pro (76 keys) was pre-ordered via the internet and has production number 176. It is a great machine but it was never that influential, like for instance the Korg 01/W or Korg Trinity (although I have these soundboards build-in).

    Korg Triton Pro - 76 keys

  6. Addiction I: I am a coffee addict. So. I said it. 😉

  7. Food: I like Tsipouro (the anise-flavored variant) and as is custom with Greek tradition, with meze on the side..

  8. Sports: I played “handbal” for 15 years, up to the dutch second league.

  9. Addiction II: I really like my daughter, my wife, reading Science Fiction (eg. F. Herbert, J.R.R. Tolkien, R.A Heinlein, P.F. Hamilton), playing on our new Wii along with my daughter, looking at great movies (eg. Blade Runner, Alien, Lord of the Rings, Babylon 5).

… and here stops my tagging branch…


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  1. January 11

    Hi Marco,

    The name is Patrick, not Pieter 😉

    kindest regards,

  2. January 11

    Sorry Patrick,

    I immediately altered it. I will tell my colleague Pieter that he shouldn’t come by when I am typing, so my mind won’t wonder off…


  3. Howard Rogers
    January 11

    “I think Howard’s reaction is extreme”

    That’s your privilege and right. It’s mine to think the generation of a viral ‘meme’ that, from the outset, was explicitly expected to propogate *outside* the Oracle blogging community is a pretty extreme thing to unleash on us all.

    Why you (or anyone else) should expect me to participate in a “community” that thinks this sort of vandalism is just fun and games, I have no idea.

    “What interest me more is what thinks Eddie about this”

    He has said he thinks OraNA is being flooded, but that he doesn’t mind “good spam” (whatever that is). He has also just asked the question whether this tagging business should stop. I’d take that as at least a straw in the wind, myself.

    “The blog tagging thing will die out, one way or the other”

    Really? You sure about that? And it’s OK to disrupt things for others whilst we’re all waiting for this happy day to arrive, is it?

    I choose to believe it isn’t. And if you choose to dismiss those serious concerns as mere ‘grumpiness’, even if you don’t share them which is a different matter entirely, then I can’t stop you. But you shouldn’t think merely dismissing something as a non-issue makes it so.

  4. January 11

    I interpret Eddie’s remarks on his site a little differently because he posts:

    “Personally, I think it is not spam, or at least it is not bad spam. The tagged posts show that there is a real person behind every Oracle blog, each with a different personal story to tell.”

    I don’t expect you to participate in anything. I respect your opinion, always have and will, and understand your view and had no intention to be cynical or otherwise.

    That said, I apologize for the “grumpiness” part, which was not intended by me, to imply, or reflect on you (should have been more careful on my writing part).

    On the other hand, I claim my freedom to post, even if it is a “tagged” one. For instance, if this would mean that Eddie implements other “aggregating” rules (“tagging is not allowed”), then still I guess that I am allowed on my own decision (website aggregated or not). Until now I don’t see this being applied.

    Eddie suggest that it could be going out of hand, therefore I cut “my tagging line” by not tagging anyone anymore. I am not in the business of hurting the community.

  5. January 11

    By the way, you probably don’t care, but I just thought that I really missed out now on the opportunity to get a glance about “the guy Howard Rogers”.

    “Noblesse oblige”

    in terms of the description:

    “The term has also been applied more broadly to those who are capable of simple acts to help another, usually one who is less fortunate.”

    You can’t post anything about the person “Howard Rogers” in the sense of the “blog tagging part” (otherwise you will be tagged), so I hope we will meet in the future.


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